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We go very far in terms of offering our services with applications. Having so much diversity in our field, we do well to go above and beyond our scope to cover every edge of the opportunities offered in web development. Techvilla Solutions is a renowned web app development company known for its authenticity and professionalism.

What services we offer?

Digital knowledge has become a necessity to survive in this tech era. You are unaware of many features and hence do not know their use and importance. Some minimal software programs made for small purposes are used as a building block in developing large applications and platforms. Along with simple features in an app, Techvilla Solutions aims to provide you with things that you never knew about.

WordPress Multisite Development

Our application allows you to create and manage several websites at once from a single dashboard on your server easily with a WordPress website.

WordPress Theme Customization Services

Our WordPress website development innovates the site and adds customization options. You can change and design your layout the same as you prefer, and it has a built-in feature to customize your WordPress site.

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is a website for aspiring entrepreneurs that are entirely customizable, allowing you to design it to your specifications. It is an open-source eCommerce platform available in our applications.

WordPress Blog Development

Enjoy blogging? Here we are! With our efficient tools in WordPress, you can write content like blogs, articles, essays, etc., anytime on a single website.

WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins help enhance the work and functionality of WordPress and extend its facilities. Techvilla Solutions provides you with a plugin developer to amplify your site.

Security Enhancements

Along with extra features, Techvilla Solutions also offers new measures and builds up the already provided security for your private information.

Our rich funnel of service

We try to develop as many features as we can to give them to our clients. For more than a decade, being in this work has shown us how and what a customer wants in an application. That is why we develop strategies that can combine what they need and what today's world demands in the same application to reduce the chances of alienation caused just because your app fell short of some features.

We serve diverse industry verticals

We are 100% dedicated to our clients. From start to finish, we work with your team to optimize and expand your software needs.

Retail & Ecommerce

Education & e-learning

Healthcare & Fitness

Event Management

Real Estate

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant


Technology stack

Our software outsourcing company is one of the top players in the industry. We deliver outsourcing services to businesses across the globe. Our collaborative and professional approach focuses on optimization and expansion, ensuring our clients’ success.

React Js
Softwate Testing
Support Testing
Mobile Testing

Why choose Techvilla Solutions?

We, at Techvilla Solutions, promise to provide you with the utmost care and services. We will not hesitate to bring all the latest technologies under a standard header and combine them into a new application to facilitate you with the latest trends. Our friendly and compassionate family of Techvilla Solutions makes sure to make the client feel included and a part of the team by sharing every step of their project.

01. Exclusive app prototypes

Nowadays, customers often demand a small demo model to see how their application will look once it is made. It is absolutely no issue for us, and we provide an exclusive service to clients where they can know and see how the final results will come out.

02. NDA as per your requirements

We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with our clients to keep the project and process confidential. Techvilla Solutions has a strict rule guide for all the employees, prohibiting the bleaching of the contract.

03. Least turnaround time

As everyone may be aware, turnaround time means the time taken to complete a client's request, including delivery of the project. Techvilla Solutions takes the least amount of Turnaround time to get the work done skillfully, all thanks to the passionate staff who look after the development of projects.

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