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With such a rapid process of technology easing our lives, we bring you online healthcare services with a great staff and readily available qualified doctors quickly.

Add effectiveness with our innovative healthcare software development services

We offer a complete package of healthcare app development services with increased productivity and decrease in the healthcare cost. Our coherent service come along with a well-planned administration, hopes to ease your difficulties in the healthcare sector.

Telehealth apps

Telehealth apps allow patients to personally consult with doctors and book appointments online while being in their homes and domains.

Electronic Health Record

Electronic health records are also preserved which is quite helpful to keep a track of the patients and their medical history. We assit in app development.

Process management

The processes involved are quite easy and simple to understand and perform. Proper procedures keep a track of the on-goings of the patients .


Prescriptions can easily be transferred to and fro with clear understanding and referred to later through our appplication.

Medical insurance claim

Medical insurance for all customers is also available online which is another boon to the app.

Laboratory management

The lab reports are more easily transferred digitally and thus make taking the next action faster.

Electronic health information exchange

With such advancement of technology, our app also offers clients to easily exchange information about the client's health between doctor and patient online making the process better for everyone involved.

Patient gateway

The patient gateway displays complete information regarding patients in one place i.e, their appointment schedules, medical history, lab reports etc online which is again an advantage of the app as nothing is lost.

Software integration

The biggest benefit of our online app is keeping everything digital, from consulting with doctors to prescriptions to lab reports and other things with access available round the clock without worrying about having to go anywhere.

Exciting features our digital healthcare services

This sector is seeing a high increase in companies, and thus we provide services better than any other which allows us to have an advantage over all those other businesses.


Doctors Discoverability


Video Consulting


In-App Chat


Online Payment


EHR Integration


HIPAA- Compliance


Profile of Doctors & Records


In-Patient Management


Reports Management


Appointments Managment


Insurance & TPA Billing


Monitor Statistics & Reports

Healthcare app development solutions

WE help built app that allows your users to access the application anytime, anywhere, swiftly, and effortlessly. We provide the following type of app development services:

Explore the superior health Care expertise

We offer more acceptable and efficient solutions to all our patrons; keeping their comfort and health is our priority. Our services ensure their excellent care for all our clients.

Mobile Applications

Nowadays, everyone uses a mobile phone and knows their way around it, and life seems impossible without them.

Backend Development

Our excellent backend development team ensure that our clients do not face any problems while using their applications.

Admin Panel

Our admin panel allows the users to view their appointments, prescriptions, medical reports, who their doctors are, their overall health score, and their progress.

Larg-Screen Applications

People use your apps on all kinds of devices. Unlock the full potential of your apps by using responsive layouts that adapt to fit phones, tablets.

Device Management

Our apps are user-friendly, which fits in with device management quite easily.

EHR Compatibility

The EHR Compatibility of our servers agrees with the users' devices, and thus it is easy to share data like prescriptions and reports back and forth without any problem.

Advantages of digital healthcare

We of the digital healthcare sector give our best services for all kinds of diseases giving users a one-stop application.

Improved Clinical Accuracy

We work every day to ensure that we provide the most accurate results and do our best to perform tests at the highest level of technology to upgrade our performance.

Great Patient Experience

We pay attention to our patients' feedback, remove any glitches that they seem to come across, and provide them with the best encounters with our staff.

Patient Documentation

We ensure that we preserve all our patients' documents, including their past medical history, reports, and prescriptions, to provide those to our patients if they ever ask for them and get a better overview of our patient's medical records.

Paperless Work Process

Paper is golden, and heaps of paper are saved and can't be lost by providing all kinds of documentation online.

Better Productivity

We update our servers and keep our staff updated on the latest knowledge in medical fields to bestow excellent productivity results.

Clinical Care Results

With our application you can get a glimpse of all your clinical care results within seconds. It is only possible with our app development solution.

Who can benefit from our services?

Our application not only helps our users who are patients but also aids other sectors such as-

Healthcare Institutions
Life Science Organizations
Individual Doctors & Practitioners
Hospitals & Clinics
Patient Care
Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical Stores
Health Insurance Companies

What makes Techvilla Solutions stand out from others?

Having made various apps serving diverse purposes, we offer our services across the globe and are flexible in our field of work. Techvilla Solutions has successfully established itself as a reputed agency for providing app development services in various lines of activities.

01. Advanced Technologies

Moving on track with the world, TECHVILLA assures to provide the very latest and most advanced technology to its client without any doubt.

02. Flexible Client Support

We offer flexible client support to our customers. They can directly tell us the areas that need improvement or some work.

03. Delivery on Time

As everyone knows, time is the most valuable thing for every being. Therefore, you will never find delays in our delivery, and we try to keep everything as scheduled.

04. Extensible Engagement Choices

We extend our services even after the delivery. If you need help managing or want to know something, we'll always be open for queries and aid.

05. Agile Development Method

Our company works with the Agile Manifesto. Interactions between customers and the team responsible for app development are regular throughout the process. Rather than spending the time documenting the whole process, we work on it.

06. COE Model for Delivery

We have a Centre of Excellence (CoE) model with people of expertise in that particular area on every project. So rest assured, your product will be completed with high efficiency, skills, and knowledge.

FAQs for healthcare app development

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

There are many benefits of healthcare apps. They can help patients manage their health and medications, make appointments and find doctors, and even track their fitness levels. Healthcare apps can also help doctors by providing them with easy access to patient records , test results, and appointment schedules.

There are many benefits to building a healthcare app. First, healthcare apps can help patients manage their health by providing them with easy access to their medical information. Additionally, healthcare apps can help doctors and other care providers communicate with each other more effectively and coordinate care more efficiently.

The cost of developing a health and fitness application or any other application for that matter depends on a number of factors. The type of app you need, the features your want to add, the size of your application, etc. determine the costs. Thus, we cannot give you one number till we know your requirements. Once you share the details with us what exactly do you need in this app, then maybe we can provide you with something called a quote. But no matter what your requirements are, remember one thing: Techvilla always provides high quality solutions at affordable rates – just like our mothers used to make!

Yes, you will need a developer to build your healthcare app. Healthcare apps are complex and require a lot of expertise in coding, design, and data management. A developer can help you create an app that meets all your specific needs and requirements.

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