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With Techvilla Solutions, you'll never worry about design, coding, or integration again. Our frameworks give you the tools to manage your website's content, traffic, conversions, and social media with robust coding and IT skills.

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Techvilla Solutions is an innovative PHP development agency with expert skills across every facet of software development. Our international team of skilled developers works together seamlessly from offices worldwide, fostering a collaborative environment where creativity thrives.

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What makes Techvilla Solutions superiors of others?

Our team of over 250 internal IT experts is proficient in the latest technologies of all kinds. You could also engage mobile-based developers who work with them to enhance this PHP group. The seamless collaboration allows us to create mobile-friendly solutions that connect to web services based on PHP.

The advantages of PHP for web development and design

PHP has remained one of the most versatile and pragmatic web development languages in the world today.

Used in Ecommerce Development

Several new businesses are moving beyond traditional stores and business websites to explore e-commerce. But, there are so many websites selling e-commerce online, and you must distinguish yourself and possess unique characteristics to draw the attention of potential customers.

ERP Development

ERP is software that aids companies and organizations with managing back-office operations. They could be linked to technology or human resource management. Also, it includes the production and distribution of the business. We have created various custom applications and offer top-quality solutions to our customers.

Simple Integration and Compatibility

PHP works with a range of operating systems. It can run on various platforms, such as UNIX, Solaris, and Linux. Existing software doesn't require re-development because it can be integrated without effort into other technologies like Java. This means that time and money are saved.

Efficient Performance

Based on how the web developer code, PHP has the potential to become the most efficient of languages. It can be scalable to write code and also to create a variety of applications. It is the preferred language for websites with multiple pages.


PHP is an open-source web-based language, which means it is free. There is no cost in buying costly licenses or other software. PHP can be used with various databases, including MySQL, Apache, and PostgreSQL. The cost of developing websites with PHP is meager.

Speed of loading improved.

PHP allows websites to speed up compared to the other technologies used in web development. An increased speed for applications makes customers happy and, together with other benefits, helps grow and keep the client base.

Frameworks we use for php development

Our frameworks put a site's power under your fingertips. Technology is essential, but it's not just about code: without a comprehensive development approach like ours, you can't expect great results - with us, it's never been easier.


Symfony is the ideal option for those looking to create a massive enterprise project. One of the main reasons Symfony is the first choice for developers is that it comes with reused libraries and PHP components that speed up the development of web apps.

Cake PHP Cake

Cake PHP is an open-source web development PHP framework. Cake PHP lets developers build visually striking, simple, elegant, and fully loaded sites. It's easy to install and requires only the use of a web server as well as an image of Cake PHP's framework.


Yii is a highly-performance component-based PHP framework that Simpalm uses to assist its developers in creating modern web-based applications. Yii is simple to configure and has an extensive collection of components that accelerate development.


We utilize Laravel because it's an open-source framework for web design that can effectively manage complex web-based applications. It streamlines the development process by making it easier to manage tasks like session routing, caching, and authentication.

Php web development service to match your business

Bring your website to life with PHP web developers who do customizations as per requirements. With our dedicated PHP web developers, the website will always remain dynamic and up-to-date. We constantly monitor the latest trends and technologies to keep our services fresh.

How do we create a successful php development solution?

We have built a robust process that allows us to provide the solution in time. We've adapted our strategy in response to the challenges we encountered to develop a development ecosystem that is compatible with and supports all kinds of frameworks for development.

Estimation and gathering of requirements

The process begins with a statement of work in which the requirements are identified, and then brainstorming sessions are conducted. Our expert team goes through intensive discussions to design solutions compatible with the budget and requirements.

The development of a prototype

The prototype is created as the first version of the proposed solutions. It's designed to test the efficacy and get the clients' feedback.

Testing and Development

When the final prototype is secured, the development process is broken into sprints that include new milestones. The solution is then developed and test-driven.

Support and deployment

The solution is provided to the customer after receiving positive test results. Once the solution is in use, We provide constant back-end support to ensure the quality of the solution is checked.

Our years of experience made us a reliable partner

Our years of Experience made us a reliable partner

Cost Savings

Our hourly rates are lower than for (country). Additionally, PHP development services offered by Techvilla Solutions reduce the cost of office space, infrastructure pay, training, and salaries.

Trusted Technology Partner

With a deep understanding and experience in the industry, We at Techvilla Solutions are committed to providing solutions of the best quality possible to assist your business in standing out from your competition.

Certified IT Specialists

We have assisted start-ups and medium-sized and large enterprises in developing their custom PHP web-based apps, CMSs, and other platforms.

FAQs related to php developer

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

The price of PHP website development depends on your project’s complexity and size, as well as the expertise of the developer you choose to hire. Since most developers charge per hour, what time the project will determine its cost. It’s important to remember that you’ll have to pay for front-end and back-end development, as well as the design for the first web page for web development projects.

The amount of time a PHP development project can take is based on a myriad of essential variables: scale and complexity. It is evident that a more extensive project will require more extended and will require more effort and work to finish. Many elements and dynamic materials take more time, mainly when there is a variance in these demands. Complex architectures require planning, problem-solving, and troubleshooting to be completed.

We at Techvilla Solutions can assist you with the redesign of your site to be compatible with the latest PHP versions since our PHP developers on hire are experts in the field. If you require these, we can add additional features to them that could be tailored to your specific business requirements.

Yes, it’s one of the components of our service. When you need help, we’ll be available to support and maintain your PHP website. For more information, please call us whenever you need assistance.

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