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Our fully equipped team of event management app developers elevates your business with fully functional apps that make your business easier to manage, and your customers make their special day memorable and keep coming back to you.

App development services for event management

Basis your requirements and events, Techvilla is capable of developing an event management app that meets all your requirements and your customers’ expectations.

Trade Conferences

Irrespective of which industry the trade conference is for, our team of trained experts makes it a breeze with an app that handles everything from start to finish.

Business Events

Your responsibility is to help your business succeed, we will take care of the rest. From invitations to getting your RSVP list and ensuring your guests reach on time, we give you the perfect app for all your business events.


Be it local or global, with Techvilla's app development solutions, every conference will be a raging success. From itineraries to seating charts and F&B preferences, we give you an app for everything.

Customized Event Management App

Not all customers have the same needs for their events. While you focus on fulfilling those needs, we ensure that your customers can tell you their requirements on one platform. With our customized app solutions, your business can start its growth story.

Entertainment & Sports

The entertainment and sports industry is ever-growing and we ensure that your business grows along with it. We make it easy for your customers to add celebrities to their special days and in turn, grow your portfolio.

App Maintenance

Our job doesn't end at just making your event management app. Be it analyzing and gathering data or keeping the app functioning glitch-free, we are your end-to-end partners.

Meeting Event App

If you are holding a life-altering meeting for your business, we are here to make the process easy and smooth for your organization. From invites and RSVPs to ensuring every need is met, we are there for you.

Trade Show App

Hosting your annual trade show? Expecting a lot of visitors? Confused about venue, decor, and setup? We got you covered! We will handle everything, while you focus on growth and profits.

University Event App

Is your university hosting a fest and expecting the world to show up? We will make it happen. From decor to food to invitations, we can handle every aspect of your event.

Event management app solutions

We understand that one size does not fit all, and for the same, we offer a wide range of solutions for you to pick and customize your event management app to offer your customers a one-stop event management solution.

What can techvilla do for your event management app development?

Event Management is an industry that still never goes down, because irrespective of what happens, marriages, birthdays, and conferences will always go on. Here's how you can make your event glitch-free with Techvilla.

Registration and Ticketing

The most important aspect of any event is making sure that only the people you want, enter. We handle registrations and Ticketing from start to finish to make your event flawless.

Paperless Check-in

With digitalization being the norm, we make event check-in possible without paper proof. Be it QR or other receipts, our team will make this happen for you.

Messaging and Calling

Your customers like to be made felt special and we are the experts. From follow-ups to ensure that we constantly stay in touch with your customers and they make it to your event on time.

Social Media Integration

In order to make your event reach new heights, we integrate various social media handles into your event app page, making it easy for your customers to share their experiences online.

Safety and Security

One of the main ways to build reliability for your event management company is to ensure complete safety and security for clients and their data. With an end-to-end firewall, we help maintain complete privacy.


To understand what works best for you and what is lacking, we continuously analyze your data and client sentiments to ensure that your event management app is a roaring success.

Benefits of using Techvilla for event management app development

From managing, scheduling, implementing the event to make each visitor satisfy with the arrangements, there are so many benefits, event organizers can have with our provided mobile event app development solutions.


Techvilla enables you to track your spending and analyze it against event budgets with clear and user-friendly dashboards and reporting that allows you to visualize your spending to ensure you achieve a maximized return on investment on your event.


Techvilla will help you save time by automating all processes. From registration tracking and bookings to payment processing and follow-up emails, the software enables you to streamline all processes for quick and seamless execution.

Generate Events

Generating events has never been easy. Techvilla changes that by providing easy flow creation tools that help you generate events on the fly.

Better Organization

Techvilla helps you keep track of all of your event’s moving parts to help your event run more smoothly. This makes your event much easier to organize than manually managing the project and organizing all elements separately. It’s a game-changer for many of our clients.

Detailed Analytics

With features like live polling, reporting, and analytics, Techvilla allows you to easily assess the success of your event. Gain feedback from attendees and generate reports so that you can analyze what went well and where you could improve for next time.


What makes a high-quality event management app outstanding is its customization. Techvilla goes a long way in creating an excellent first impression of your mobile app in the minds of prospective attendees. From the types of tickets to the forms and landing page, everything catches the eye at first sight. We make sure it fits your needs.

Who can benefit with our event app?

Techvilla provides event app development services that benefit not only one, but various sectors and individuals. These also help you to organize, execute and measure the events in a better way.

Societies And Associations
Pharmaceutical Organizations
Event Managers
Business Entrepreneurs
Education Institutes
Communal Offices

Why should you select Techvilla for event-management app development services?

Are you still having doubts about why to choose us? We agree that everyone is good at what they do, but at TECHVILLA, our motive is not only to meet you and your customers' expectations, and we go beyond that.

01. Advanced Technologies

Every day is a surprise, and it comes up with trends and technology. Therefore, we use latest and newest technology to keep out customers satisfied.

02. Flexible Client Support

We are very flexible in our work and can adapt to any form if our client wishes. From professionalism to problem-solving, we give our best in everything.

03. Delivery on Time

It would be unprofessional not to meet the deadlines. We mainly aim to deliver the product within the given time limit.

04. Extensible Engagement Choices

Our services do not end after the delivery. If the client needs any help regarding the product, we will be available 24X7 to look out and solve their issues.

05. Agile Development Method

The agile manifesto is what we commence our work with. We include our client in the development process of the application. They can tell us to change the design or layout anytime, and we will comply with their wishes.

06. COE Model for Delivery

For every project, we have a team of skilled and passionate members who carry out the task in which they are professionals. For every product, there is a team formed to perform the work.

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