Web Application Development Services

Within a short time of over a decade, Techvilla Solutions has proved it's worth and established itself as a renowned company for developing applications. Doing what we can to reduce your worries and stress, we try to solve any and every problem in our line of work.

Customizable Web App Development Services

At Techvilla Solutions, there is no particular framework used to design apps. We are very flexible in our very own way. Applications built can be easily customized if the client wants them to be. You can get the application with specialized features as per your preferences. We provide rapid and personalized apps.

Web App Development

From making the application to developing it with the new and latest technology is our main motive. If you already have an app but feel insecure Because it does not have the latest trends, don't worry; we are here to innovate it.

Open Source Development

We have an open-source development process. It means that the software used in the development is open to the public, and after completed, it is released with an open-source license.

Framework Development

Techvilla Solutions engages the client not only in developing the app but also in structuring the framework. Clients can voice their opinion anytime while working on the framework and make the required changes during the process.


We have a fair share of work done in eCommerce too. Being flexible to work in any occupation is one of our advantages.

Front-End Designing

We do not limit our services to the building of an app only. We also offer front-end designs to our clients if they want them.

CMS Web Development

Techvilla Solutions also comes up with a CMS Content Management System, enabling many users to manage any data and content.

Our Working Process

Our company is very transparent with its working process. Transparency is an essential part of our company, and we stick to it by involving our customers at every step of the process.

01. Discover

The first step starts with discovering the client and what they need and expect from us. If we can help, we will surely take up the project and get on board with it.

02. Design

With you as a member of our team, we look for various designs and models in which the application can be carried out well.

03. Deliver

Now that the project is beautifully done without any hindrance, it's time to deliver it to the client.

04. Define

Let the client know what we get from their explanation of the project and make them aware of what they strive to achieve.

05. Develop

After selecting the model with which we will work, we start the development process. With our skilled and professional team, we completed the project on time.

06. Support

The last step is to provide support and maintenance of the app anytime the client needs or has a hard time understanding something.

We serve diverse industry verticals

We are 100% dedicated to our clients. From start to finish, we work with your team to optimize and expand your software needs.

Retail & Ecommerce

Education & e-learning

Healthcare & Fitness

Event Management

Real Estate

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant


Technology stack

Our software outsourcing company is one of the top players in the industry. We deliver outsourcing services to businesses across the globe. Our collaborative and professional approach focuses on optimization and expansion, ensuring our clients’ success.

React Js
Softwate Testing
Support Testing
Mobile Testing

Why Us?

Are we still having doubts about ourselves? No problem! We are here to help you in making a decision. With our cost-efficient facilities for on-time completion, we provide everything to satisfy you and meet your expectations.

01. Exclusive app prototypes

At Techvilla Solutions, we offer app prototypes to customers. They can see how it will function, work, and look after completing the project. It is like a small demonstration of an app to let you know how the final results will come out.

02. NDA as per your requirements

Confidentiality is everything to us. If the client wishes to keep the information and data private and secret, then that is precisely what we will do. As they say, "Your wish is my command."

03. Least turnaround time

We take our projects very seriously and therefore start the development process as early as possible. Taking less time as usual to complete the project, we succeed in making our client happy.

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