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Our company, Techvilla, provides exemplary services in app development that will check all your boxes. You name the detailed reports and online tracking of delivery to menus, and this app will provide it.

Why is mobile app a necessity for restaurants?

Restaurants of all types are developing apps that help them reach their customers more productively. The customized services gain customers’ trust and loyalty just as well.

Our innovative and customisable restaurant app development services

We at Techvilla are sure of our services because of our high productivity rate and success in keeping the clients’ happy.

Restaurant Managers Solution

Our application allows the managers to view the bookings and other credentials while allotting the tables, monitoring waiters etc. It also lets them know of the inventory lists and details.

Waiter Management Solution

Our application allows the waiters to improve their order management systems and deliver more effectively and efficiently.

Customer-friendly order system

Our application allows the customers to order their food items highly personalized manner and view the dishes, recipes, hygiene conditions, etc.

Smart Kitchen Solution

Our application lets people keep stock of inventory and keeps track of all the orders.

Restaurant Table Booking App

Our application lets the customers book tables in restaurants beforehand to avoid waiting for tables in crowded restaurants.

Restaurant Finder App Development

Our application allows people to find nearby restaurants with specialities in their price range.

What features does our restaurant mobile app have

Our expert team will develop an app that offers all kinds of services in the app.

What all kind of restaurant app development services do we offer?

The different kinds of services and apps available in the food industry are given below. All of these will be integrated into one app in our services.

How does our food and restaurant app helps your business?

Our app offers excellent solutions to all the worries plaguing users’ minds regarding the dishes and restaurants.

Referral Feature

Our application refers to nearby restaurants and food items that are a must-taste to ylur customers.

Entrenched Media Content

Our application allows he users to see images and graphics of the food items and restaurants.

Real-Time Notifications

Our application gives notifications of when the food is being made, packed, on the way etc. It also lets users know of deals going on in restaurants.

Payment integrations

Our application allows to makes payment through different payment portals making the process easier. The payment can be made straight from the bank account or UPI without any problem, ensuring a cashless delivery.

What are the advantages of our restaurant app?

Our restaurant app has many advantages to make our app even better than one of our competitors. Some Of these include-

Hotels, Inns & Resorts
Small & Big Restaurants
Brewery Business
Food Trucks
Membership Clubs
Night Clubs
Bar & Pub

Why Techvilla is the perfect choice?

Are you still having doubts about why to choose us? We agree that everyone is good at what they do, but at Techvilla, our motive is not only to meet you and your customers' expectations, and we go beyond that.

01. Advanced Technologies

We use a blend of the most advanced technologies to give the most outstanding results.

02. Flexible Client Support

There are options available for clients to reach for customer support anytime they want, providing instant solutions.

03. Delivery on Time

Our delivery of app development will be complete and on time. Regular updates will also happen according to any glitches reported by the customers to make the app even better.

04. Extensible Engagement Choices

This feature allows many choices for the users in terms of food order and how they want the food to be made.

05. Agile Development Method

Our app development services are swift with the best features and timely delivery.

06. COE Model for Delivery

We provide the most excellent services with complete research and impressive productive outputs.

FAQs related to web development

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

The restaurants are rated and described based on many factors, including the taste of the foods and the hygienic environment.

The app will have an option of an online review and rating system, which can help the customers decide.

The temperature is recorded for delivery boys every hour, and they will follow all necessary covid symptoms to ensure no chance of covid transfer.

That depends on the restaurant’s terms and conditions

You will receive confirmation of your booking either via text or email.

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