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Want to develop your very own application for Androids? No need to worry; Techvilla Solutions is here. Each day, Androids have been gaining popularity and spread over a large area of the world. If you want help, this is the right place for you to be.

Services We Provide

Techvilla Solutions offers solutions for any and every web application development. You name it, and we have it! Android application development is multiplying in the business field since most smartphone users have Androids.

Custom Android apps development

If you have an idea and don't know what to do and where to start or already have an app but want to innovate it, we have you. Working on the guidelines and layout provided by the client, we develop the apps as they want them to be.

Android app consultation service

At Techvilla Solutions, only development services are not provided. We are available anytime to listen to the issues that you are facing with the application and provide solutions to end them.

Android app design service

Not sure what design you should give your app to make it look attractive? We have several templates and designs from which you can choose one or innovate it to another as per your preference.

Android app migration service

Techvilla Solutions offers services to modernise your application without any hassle. We add new features to your pre-existing apps to make them stand out from others.

Features Of Customised App Development

With so many people shifting to use Android services, companies have taken it on themselves to make applications for their business on android platforms. Wondering why? It is because Android applications offer plenty of benefits and features.

Open Source, Thus Free
Easy To Customize
Play Store Approval Is Easy
Improved User Experience
Eye-Catching User Interface
Highly Scalable Mobile Apps
Improved Security Or Safety
Cross-Platform Compatible
Higher And Faster ROI
Faster Time-To-Market
Excellent Community Support
Easy Third-Party Integration

Is Android Application Development Important?

More than half of the world roams around with Android in their pockets, and it has now become necessary to develop and have an app exclusively for Android. With them on the rise, every industry and business has also begun using Android apps to provide customer services.

01. Huge platform

Android development offers a massive platform for businesses to operate their activities. They can interact with customers frequently on such applications.

02. New World Necessity

It was an option before to work on android application development, but now, it has become a need. With so many apps available in Google Play and Google Store, which can only be run in Androids, it is as such because this whole ordeal is open source.

03. Engaging

Easy-to-use and open to new features, Android applications have become engaging for the public. More than 3 billion apps for Androids are available on mobile phones that are secured and versatile.

04. Comprehensive solution

It is a complete solution for any business that wants to continue the work smoothly, as developing android applications for their business will open many gates to several successful opportunities.

05. User satisfaction

Android applications provide satisfaction to both end-users. These applications are equipped with features like live chat, reviews, and a chat box to get the response and feedback of customers.

06. Cost-effective

Along with the many benefits and features present in Android applications, one of the biggest is its cost-effectiveness. New and trendy apps can be built and customised, keeping the budget low.

Is Android Development Beneficial for Business?

With iPhone and Android developing new features every day, it has become a competition. However, it is also known that no matter how trendy an apple product is, Android easily beats it in terms of the number of users. Almost 75 per cent or more of the population carries Android with them. One can only assume what benefits and advantages it will give to the business if they come up with application development for Androids.

We serve diverse industry verticals

We are 100% dedicated to our clients. From start to finish, we work with your team to optimize and expand your software needs.

Retail & Ecommerce

Education & e-learning

Healthcare & Fitness

Event Management

Real Estate

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant


Technology stack

Our software outsourcing company is one of the top players in the industry. We deliver outsourcing services to businesses across the globe. Our collaborative and professional approach focuses on optimization and expansion, ensuring our clients’ success.

React Js
Softwate Testing
Support Testing
Mobile Testing

Why Us?

Suppose you are thinking as to why choose Techvilla Solutions, let us tell you some things. We come up with exclusive and unlimited services for our clients to give them what they want.

01.Exclusive App Prototypes

Our clients never have to worry about how the results will come or whether they will like them. Because we give them a demonstration of how it is going to work and look by showing them a small demo model of the application.

02. NDA As Per Your Requirements

It is better to keep some things between the involved parties only. That is why Techvilla Solutions ensures that every client has an option to keep everything confidential. We sign an NDA contract to avoid the leaking of important information.

03. Least Turnaround Time

Time is never going to wait for anyone. Like time, our clients do not have to wait for their products left in our service. We take the least turnaround time to deliver the products on time, as was discussed beforehand.

FAQs for android application development

Get to know more about us and our work through these questions:

Techvilla Solutions has worked in this field for over a decade and achieved the critical goal- client trust. We are good at what we do and are ready to help.

Yes. Techvilla Solutions signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client to keep the information safe and maintain confidentiality.

We use an agile manifesto to manage and work on every project. Techvilla Solutions is very transparent with its clients; hence, we involve everyone in all our processes.

Yes, we do. Techvilla Solutions does not limit itself to clients, and we will be there to help you through any issue with the application after it is delivered.

Applications developed by us have complete backup plans available to recover the lost data. In case of a file crash, you need not worry about your data; it will be automatically stored.

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