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Our expertise and years of experience make it possible for us to develop the perfect, all-encompassing app for your real estate business. Whether you are a builder, broker, seller or a combination, our team is capable of understanding your requirement and converting the same into the platform of your dreams.

Real Estate app development services

We provide you with an app that acts as a bridge between all your stakeholders - builders, buyers, sellers, agents, and more.

Real Estate Mobile App

We keep integrating advancing technologies into our app solutions to give you and your stakeholders an elevated buying, selling, and renting experience. Be it integrating AI into your property showcase to give a deeper understanding of your property, or AR and VR services, we are here to make your app more attractive and interesting.

Real Estate Web App

As part of our end-to-end app development services, we ensure that your company reaches the last mile. Towards the same, we ensure dynamic app development services which enhance the overall reach of your real estate business.

Online Property Booking

Whether your business involves hotels, resorts, residential homes, or business spaces, we make selling, buying, and renting easy with online app development solutions. Our team of experts makes it easy for users to view every part of your property and purchase it online, and purchase the same with multiple payment options.

Business Solution

Our services do not end at just developing your real estate app. We offer a one-stop solution for businesses ranging from the enterprise-grade firewall to an in-depth analysis of your user behaviors. We help you analyze your users, and influence their buying behavior with strategic marketing solutions.

Property Managing Applications

We give your real estate business an unconventional edge with our range of digital solutions. With our proactive 24x7 monitoring and support team, we help you manage your property round-the-clock and improvise your offerings on the go.

Lead Handling Solutions

We make selling and renting out your property easy for you with a team that responds to and resolves all queries at all times. Be it location-related queries, or in-depth questions about your property, our team is here to ensure that no user is ever unanswered.

Features for your Real Estate app

Our diverse experience in the real estate app development sector ensures that your business gets every solution that you are looking for. Here’s a look at the wide array of services we offer -

Solutions for your Real Estate app

Your real estate business should not be limited to just showcasing your property. We ensure that when customers approach your business, they are not just buying or renting property, they are experiencing something new.

Benefits of our Real Estate app

From selling, buying, and renting properties to enabling each customer to get their dream stay, there is a wide range of benefits Real estate businesses can avail themselves with our app development solutions.

Customer Relationships

The first step to being a successful real estate company is ensuring that your customers interact with someone who understands your business and is available to resolve all their queries round-the-clock. At Techvilla, we understand the role a good customer relations team plays and we ensure you get the best.

Business Performance

With Techvilla, you never have to worry about growth, it will always be an upward graph. From analyzing business trends and ensuring that you stay ahead of every single one of them, to studying your competition and their market share, we ensure that your business is continuously outperforming.

Access and Data Sharing

We truly believe in cross-cultural growth and encourage the same across sectors. With a centrally managed dashboard, we give you continuous access to the data of the users who access your business mobile and web apps, helping you understand your audiences better.

Paperless Process

With digitalization being the norm, we make the process for your business completely paperless. From viewing to booking and even payment via different modes, we make the entire process of buying, selling, and renting real estate paperless and easy to view on the go.

Decrease Operational Cost

With our team of experts managing your digital presence, we ensure minimal downtime for your business and ensure that you are continuously available to attend to your customers. As a one-stop solution for all your needs, we eliminate the need for multiple vendors and in turn decrease your operational costs and improve productivity.

Better Sales

When costs are decreased and productivity increases, the sales are bound to go up, as your team is free to focus on business development and innovate with initiatives to improve sales. Alongside, Techvilla also puts in 100% effort to improve your sales via the digital medium, giving you a 360-degree advantage.

Who can get benefit with Real Estate app?

We do not limit ourselves to just one industry or type of client. We make our services available to various industries, and ensure success for every single one of them.

Construction Firms
Property Board Firms
Mortgage Companies
Space Management

Why should you select Techvila Solutions for real estate app development services?

Having made various apps serving diverse purposes, we offer our services across the globe and are flexible in our field of work. TECHVILLA has successfully established itself as a reputed agency for providing app development services in various lines of activities.

01. Advanced Technologies

Moving on track with the world, TECHVILLA assures to provide the very latest and most advanced technology to its client without any doubt.

02. Flexible Client Support

We offer flexible client support to our customers. They can directly tell us the areas that need improvement or some work.

03. Delivery on Time

As everyone knows, time is the most valuable thing for every being. Therefore, you will never find delays in our delivery, and we try to keep everything as scheduled.

04. Extensible Engagement Choices

We extend our services even after the delivery. If you need help managing or want to know something, we'll always be open for queries and aid.

05. Agile Development Method

Our company works with the Agile Manifesto. Interactions between customers and the team responsible for app development are regular throughout the process. Rather than spending the time documenting the whole process, we work on it.

06. COE Model for Delivery

We have a Centre of Excellence (CoE) model with people of expertise in that particular area on every project. So rest assured, your product will be completed with high efficiency, skills, and knowledge.

FAQs for real estate app development

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

Real estate is a huge industry. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without real estate applications. In this new era, real estate developers must convey their kindness and support digitally. Excellent customer service online is just as important as a fast website or beautiful products. An incredibly useful tool for brands to use is instant messaging. It can immediately engage customers and resolve issues such as abandonment of shopper carts, high bounce rates, and general consumer frustration.

The benefits of using a real estate app are numerous. First, you can keep track of all your properties and their statuses, as well as the financial data that comes along with them. This means you can keep track of your income and expenses, as well as any maintenance issues, from one simple application. Second, you can use the app to search for properties and agents, which will help you find the best possible candidates for both buying and selling property.

A Real estate application can help an agent by providing a centralized location to store all of the information they need about a property. This includes things like photos, floor plans, and detailed information on the property’s history.

Real estate applications can be a huge help for buyers and sellers. They can help buyers learn about the properties that are available, and they can provide sellers with detailed information about the property they are selling. Additionally, real estate applications can help to keep track of all the activity related to a property, including updates on price, availability, and any changes that have occurred.

  • Techvilla is a well-funded company with a strong track record of success.
  • We have over 13 years of experience in the real estate industry, which gives us an advantage when it comes to developing innovative and cutting-edge apps.
  • Our team is highly experienced in app development, and we are always up for learning new technologies and expanding our skillset.
  • Our apps are user-friendly and easy to use, which makes them perfect for both commercial and residential properties alike.
  • We offer a wide range of services including mobile app development, website design, marketing consultation, and more – so you can be sure that we will provide you with everything you need to get your app off the

At Techvilla, we specialize in real estate app development. We have a team of experts who can help you create an amazing real estate app that meets your specific needs and requirements. Our services include: 


  • Development of custom real estate apps 
  • Creation of mobile app designs 
  • Implementation of the best practices for mobile app development 
  • Assistance with marketing and advertising your new real estate app

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