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Social media has become a common ground for everyone to meet and connect. If you are meeting someone new, you often trade your social site details. When we said that at Techvilla Solutions, we offer various services, we meant that. We have a branch dealing with social media services too.

How do we help your company?

Making a business account is an easy step, and what comes next is the real struggle in online marketing. With Techvilla Solutions by your side, we promise to achieve the desired outcomes with not many hardships.

Social Media Strategy

Strategy plays a vital role in social media marketing. Only selling your product is not an option there, but you also have to keep the customers interested to come back for more next time. From a customer's point of view, a good tagline, humor to advertise the product, and using well-known figures as influencers will hit the nail on the head. We create the right plan for you!

Social Media Management

Handling the business on social media is also a lot. You have to manage your presence on social platforms regularly. Keep the customers updated about the newest and latest products. Interact with them to solve their queries if they have any. With our team, you can manage your social media efficiently.

Social Media Campaigns

Once in a while, organize a campaign on social sites to achieve your goal. It can be done on multiple platforms simultaneously and will require coordinated marketing effort. Campaigns cover a more prominent target, hence the demand for high measures and focus. We have more than 100% effective in running the social media campaigns.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is used by almost everyone nowadays. You can see a lot of brands there advertising their business digitally. Why not do the same? From stand-up comedians to voice cover artists, many people take up the projects to promote products. We will assist you in getting the proper engagement for your account.

Facebook Marketing

One of the oldest and most used platforms, Facebook continues to be still in the race. If you want to promote your business, you can use Facebook to reach the old audience. Posting a video or having a pop-up about your products will help attract some new potential customers. We will help you build everything from scratch!

Social Media Analytics & Monitoring

To know if your strategy is working or not, you need to monitor and analyze your social media account. Keeping track of likes, mentions, and comments done on your post is essential. Therefore, we help you in measuring the analytics.

How Do We Help in Growing Business?

Social media has reached every corner of the world. What would be a better way to increase and grow your business community! Coming across many countries, you can advertise your business with a single click and post. TECHVILLA will help you develop a perfect strategy to promote your work in some simple steps.

Brand Recognition

Expand Reach

High Conversion Rates

Cost-Effective Advertising

What is the Social Media Marketing process that we follow?

Being a transparent company, we do not have anything to hide, nor do we try to. Every step is always see-through for our client, and our working process is like a ladder on which our client and we step up together.

1. Analysis & Objectives

The first step is to analyze your activities and learn about the issues hindering your work. Then based on that, we build up plans and solutions to overcome those problems, which will further push you to achieve the results on which you are focused.

2. Network Building

Like in the real world, on social platforms, there are many influencers and public figures that help advertise a particular product or business. We work on securing these connections and expanding your network for successful results.

3. Fine Tune Campaign

Take a day and think about how to market your business on social media. It is essential to recognize the perfect social platform that will help you in your field.

4. Social Media Setup

To broaden your area of business, set it up on social platforms. We will help you reach many corners of the world and establish a national ground and even an international one for conducting your business.

5. Content Strategy

The content that you write is what defines your business. To keep existing and potential customers engaged, we assist you in publishing only relevant and eye-catching material to keep them going on reading and wishing for more.

6. Performance Reporting

After implementing any process or step, we follow up and check if it is working. Is it making any progress since your last result, or is the outcome still the same as before?


If you are confused and wondering, is TECHVILLA worth it? Will it help in improving my performance? Then stop thinking about those things because the answer to that is a joyous yes! Why?

FAQs Related To Social Media Services

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

No, it is not necessary. But it does help that someone other than you, especially being a professional in this field, will automatically solve many of the issues and problems while promoting your business.

It doesn’t matter what platform you use, as long as it is still popular enough to attract customers. It would help if you had an excellent strategy to carry out your plans. Primarily, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook overshadow the other media, so try to maintain an account in one or all of these three.

Think about this from a consumer’s perspective. What would YOU want? In these cases, TECHVILLA helps publish and recognize the relevant information and details for a customer to build trust in your services.

Write content in a simple and friendly way, as if you are communicating with your friends and telling them about something. Make it light and smooth, so the customer goes with the flow without realizing how long or short it is.

A conversion rate is the percentage of users who click on the advertisement for your product to find out more about it. In simple words, when your ad comes, instead of skipping it, they find it exciting and want to know more, making them potential customers.

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